Take a unique one day interactive Training Course and become an Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing Technology expert so you can:

  • Print Your 3D designs with confidence

  • Understand 3D printing technology and material usage

  • Reduce your 3D printing time and costs

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Features

Why take this training course?

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing is the new industrial revolution for product design. If you are a Designer, Engineer, or R&D Manager you need to take this training course in order to choose the right 3D printing technology, learn how to use it, and identify the best applications for 3D printing in your business.


Training course benefits

Whether you 3D print in-house or outsource to a Service Bureau you will learn  how to reduce 3D your printing costs using the latest techniques for optimizing CAD files and material for your 3D print job.

SOLIDWORKS 3D Printed Model

Hands-on and informative

Using real-life case studieshands-on sessions and interactive teaching methodologies; our Additive Manufacturing experts will ensure that you gain the essential knowledge of one of the most innovative manufacturing technologies available today.

1 Understand 3D Printing Technology

The training will introduce you to the different technologies for additive manufacturing including Stereolithography, Digital Light Processing, Multi-jet Printing, Colour Jet Printing, PolyJet, Fused Deposition Modeling and Selective Laser Sintering. You will learn the advantages, disadvantages, and the best applications for each technology.

3D Print Process

2  Optimize CAD files for 3D Printing

Learn from our 3D CAD experts as they show you how to create and modify design files for 3D printing. You will learn modeling best practices to reduce material usage and ensure your parts are printed correctly. We will show you how to deal with holes, fine details, thin walls, adjusting for strength, moving parts and assemblies.

3 Reduce 3D Print Time and Costs

Through successful case studies discover how manufacturers reduce time and money by using a 3D printer for traditional manufacturing to produce jigs, fixtures, gauges, patterns, injection and blow molds, or dies

Gain an understanding of 3D Print Materials and how to work with them correctly. We'll provide examples of printed parts made from engineering plastics including ABS, ASA, Polycarbonate, Nylon, ULTEM, and PPSF/PPSU.

Discover the different industrial applications for additive manufacturing including fit, form, and ergonomic testing.

3D Printed Blow Mold

Training Course Agenda

The one day course features classroom theory sessions, interactive presentations, and hands-on training:

  1. Introduction and course overview.
  2. Additive Manufacturing success stories review.
  3. Additive Manufacturing technology overview.
  4. Additive Manufacturing best practices session #1.
  5. Printing hands-on session in our 3D print lab.
  6. Additive Manufacturing best practices session #2.
  7. Additive Manufacturing applications.
  8. Additive Manufacturing materials.
  9. Summary.

Interested in this Course?

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The course is currently available to take in Oakville ON., Calgary AB., and Vancouver BC., training facilities.