My File Management issues

  • Working with the wrong Templates!
  • More data entry than actual design work!
  • Not knowing who is working on a network file?
  • Broken file references!
  • Multiple revisions required!
  • Having to start all over again for a similar design!
  • Old version of a file not available!

How can PDM help Me?

Collaborating, sharing knowledge and re-using data are critical to your success. But sharing often means wasting time searching for the right data. It means risking data loss when you accidentally overwrite files with older versions. It means wasting money when manufacturing uses the wrong version of a file.

SolidWorks PDM software lets you create an efficient, scalable database with built-in safeguards against losing or overwriting data. It stores both CAD models and supporting documents, such as text and graphic documents and emails, in an repository that's easy to use. It also scales to accommodate growing amounts of data. SolidWorks PDM can help you:

  • Collaborate across multiple offices, multiple time zones and even multiple continents
  • Reuse standard parts data cost-efficiently, rather than recreating them from scratch
  • Ensure your team has immediate access to the latest product data available
  • Save time and simplify searching through files and designs for the right data
  • Streamline workflows, improve performance and cut costs enterprise-wide

Download our Guide

Our Guide outlines 12 common problems Designers experience with 3D CAD file administration, and describes how SolidWorks Enterprise PDM can solve them.

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