Create AS9102 First Article Inspection Packages 90% Faster

Why update your Documentation Process?

Update your Manual Process

The manual creation of documents such as drawings with balloon callouts and reports for use during inspection will often take hours using Microsoft Excel and hand-writtern annotations.

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SOLIDWORKS Inspection New & Improved Method

New Automated Process

SOLIDWORKS Inspection software automates the manual and tedious process by leveraging existing 2D legacy data such as SOLIDWORKS files, PDFs, and TIFFs. Or capture data using a digital measuring instrument

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Increase Product Quality

Improve Your Product Quality

SOLIDWORKS Inspection can help your company significantly improve its manufacturing processes, you can easily deploy it, train your quality department, and start to optimize your inspection and quality processes.


  Traditional Inspection Document Creation   Using SOLIDWORKS Inspection
Manual process can mean hundreds of characteristics, dimensions, tolerances, and notes have to be manually entered into a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet. Streamlined Process automate the creation of balloons on engineering drawings, and the creation of inspection data sheets and reports.
Time Consuming creation of documents such as drawings with balloon callouts, reports for use during inspection, or additional deliverables required with parts. Fast & easy with SOLIDWORKS Inspection, companies have reduced the time to create First Article Inspection packages by up to 90 percent.
Error Prone redundant process is can result in human transcription error that is costly over time or even jeopardize your quality commitments and certifications. Accurate bubbled prints and inspection sheets are generated in just minutes with SOLIDWORKS Inspection templates.
Costly process if changes to the model by an engineer or customer are required, this can cause drawing revisions that require quality inspectors to redo the work and input all the characteristics again. Automated document creation can help your company significantly improve its manufacturing processes, reduce scrap, cut time-to-market, and improve product quality and reliability.

1 Works with any CAD System

Quickly create ballooned engineering drawings and inspection reports with stand-alone SOLIDWORKS Inspection or the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in.

2 Save time and eliminate errors

Automatically add balloon callouts with Inspection Dimensions specified by the designer or mechanical engineer. Compare drawing revisions and originals to quickly identify changes.

3 Improve your Documenting Process

Export finished ballooned drawings as a PDF and inspection sheets to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets using templates such as AS9102 or PPAP forms

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