Create Technical Product Communications Faster with SOLIDWORKS Composer

Reuse your existing 3D design data to greatly reduce the time it takes to generate assembly and work instructions

  Automatic Content Updates

Synchronize technical communication with your design process so graphic elements are updated automatically when the design changes.

  Communicate Faster

Develop your technical communication deliverables earlier in the process and keep them current, instead of having to wait until the product is complete.

  Create 2D & 3D Content

Show your product before production using 2D and 3D illustrations and interactive animations.


Typical Challenges

Companies experience many of the following problems with their technical communication process & deliverables:

  • Instructions are completed late, causing delays
  • Shop technicians struggle with complex instructions
  • Late design changes due to errors in manufacturing
  • Out-of-date product images in documents

Solved with SOLIDWORKS Composer

Best-in-class companies in your industry are gaining a competitive advantage, saving time, and cutting costs with a new class of integrated software tools. Businesses just like yours are able to:

  • Close the loop between engineering and manufacturing.
  • Greatly reduce the amount of time to generate work instructions.
  • Begin work instruction creation before the design is prototyped.
SOLIDWORKS Assembly Instructions

Technical Product Communication

Your company and your customers rely on your technical product communication for detailed information about your product—how it works, how to assemble it, how to use it, and how to service it.

Clearly present and explain your product or process by easily creating and delivering 2D and 3D step-by-step graphical content from your existing 3D CAD data. Even better, besides the graphical content, 3D CAD intelligence, such as part numbers, component names, quantity, and dimensions, are retained automatically in the Bill of Material (BOM) and annotations to guide your manufacturing process.

Interactive 3D Communication

SOLIDWORKS Composer Technical Communication software enables technical, sales, and marketing departments to easily incorporate 3D graphics and interactive animation into technical product communication to show your products and processes more clearly and effectively. Even non-technical users can repurpose CAD content, quickly and cost effectively creating interactive 3D communications.

Composer Interactive Content
SolidWorks Model

Concurrent Product Communication Development

SOLIDWORKS Composer Technical Communication software frees technical and marketing organizations from inefficient work flows by enabling them to: start creating product communications sooner, update them as the design evolves, and have them finished simultaneously with the product ship date. All too often, product documentation starts at the end of the development process, because technical publishers need to wait for a final CAD screen shot for the actual product for digital photography.

Case Study

SolidWorks Composer Case Study

Automating the production of display assembly instructions

Using SOLIDWORKS Composer, Produktstall has automated the development of assembly instructions for its innovative in-store displays.

View the Case Study  

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Whether you're an Engineer, Technical Illustrator, After Market Service Provider, or a Product Marketer this guide will help you to improve your company documentation workflow and the quality of your technical communications.

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